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Academy for International Modern Studies (AIMS)

Reputed UK Institute for Online MBA, Diploma & Certificate Courses

Academy for International Modern Studies is among the leading UK based institutions for professional education and it is accredited globally. AIMS have upheld a commitment to grow individuals’ career paths, and has earned its strong academic reputation worldwide, since it was established in 2005. AIMS provides a quality education entirely online in several fields. Thousands of graduates in more than 70 countries have discovered their intellectual passion through AIMS' Project Management Academy, Supply Chain Academy and Islamic Finance Institute. The academic programs includes online MBA, diploma and certificate courses, and they are delivered through a flexible e-learning system. Students come to study from all over the world, and the same quality of education, academic resources, and faculty support is available to them all. Our graduates are performing key roles in establishing and managing leading organizations.

AIMS's objectives are,

  • To help you become an expert in professions that today's businesses need, and
  • To facilitate organizations adopting best practices for their workforce.

Areas of Expertise

Accreditation and Credit Evaluation

AIMS' programs are accredited globally, and the credit hours are accepted by regionally and internationally accredited colleges and universities.

  • Academy for International Modern Studies (AIMS) is registered with UK Registered Learning Provider. UKRLP is a UK government set-up to facilitate Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), UCAS, HESA, and SFA.
  • MBA degree programs are offered in collaboration with University of America (USA). UA is accredited by several UK Government recognized accreditation bodies, such as: EBMA (an only established awarding body in the UK to accredit qualifications in business management), ASIC-UK (recognised by UK Home Office and is listed in the US CHEA's directory of recognised international accrediting agencies), and ATHE (a national awarding and accrediting body recognized by the UK Government through Ofqual).

Reasons to Choose AIMS:

AIMS offers a unique and highly flexible learning platform that is specially designed for people busy with their jobs. There are many reasons to choose AIMS:

  • Career oriented studies that is maintaining excellence since year 2005.
  • Online education that strikes a balance between theory and practice.
  • Updated curriculum allows you to practice the latest trends in the market.
  • Study at your own pace - can be scheduled to your feasibility.
  • Animated learning content keeps you interested in the subject.
  • Programs are recognized by world-known employers.

Clients and Participants

  • Bank of America
  • Petro SA
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Dowjones
  • Thomson Reuters
  • SABB
  • Deloitte
  • KPMG
  • Lloyds

Our Students' Say!

I chose AIMS after conducting thorough research on similar programs offered by other institutes. Time proved that my decision to go with AIMS was good, and it perfectly enhanced my career. I first finished my online diploma and then started the online MBA. All teaching methods were effective and the case studies were very helpful in preparing me for real-world implementation. I am easily able to apply my studies and knowledge in practice, and they’ve helped my employees to start new ventures.

Kevin McGivern

United States

Why Focus on Developing Your Skills?

Today's business environment has been changed, and advanced professional skills are the key to success in all industries. Online courses at AIMS help you to power your career growth and become more effective in your organization. The online diploma and online MBA programs keep your skills sharp and your knowledge relevant. AIMS development programs give you more insights into and confidence for your job today — and for what lies ahead in the workplace. Programs maintain a balance between academics and practical work. The academic credits from one program may be transferred to other universities and colleges for higher studies, which helps you receive higher education in any part of the world.

Why AIMS is a Best Institute for Professional Development?

Before we design a program, we ensure that we are focused on our primary objective - which is to prepare the best curriculum. We first compare all other renowned industry certifications, and then we write a final curriculum of our program. We ensure that our curriculum includes every important topic and is better than any other certification. We make sure that our online courses are what students really need to advance their skills and grow their career, which is the reason why our graduates are performing leading roles in organizations all over the world. Studying at AIMS is always a rich and diverse experience, and allows you to mix with like-minded people who are striving for positive change and career growth.

AIMS provides you with every facility, teaching online courses in the format that you can pursue, and helping you to start a successful career. Studies can easily be managed between work and family. Online MBA and online diploma are widely chosen by working professionals and graduates seeking higher positions. AIMS not only establish students, but believe in transforming every student to be an institution. Programs are always helpful for graduates to grow themselves and their organizations. Here, you are not only awarded an online MBA degree or diploma, but our high devotion to providing quality education makes you industry ready and able to perform at high positions.