institute of Islamic banking and finance

Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance

Globally Recognized Islamic Finance Training Programs

AIMS' Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance is among the leading Islamic finance institution, and it has made a significant contribution to the industry. AIMS has earned its strong reputation, since its founding in the year 2005. The Islamic finance university level programs offered by AIMS are designed by leading shariah scholars and practitioners. AIMS' Islamic finance programs are designed to facilitate individuals to become industry experts, and organizations to establish better Islamic financial systems. Graduates, who completed their Islamic finance training from AIMS, are now offering their services to well-known organizations. These qualified professionals are always in high demand, because they are able to perform leading roles in the establishment and management of Islamic financial institutions, worldwide. AIMS' objectives are to:

  • Promote best practices and professionalism in the Islamic finance industry.
  • Provide the best qualification in a world of increasing competition.

Islamic Finance Training Programs Offered by AIMS

Islamic finance training

Islamic finance qualification

CIFE is a globally recognized Islamic finance certificate. It produces experts, so they can skilfully work across the globe.

Islamic Finance Certificate

Islamic finance diploma

MDIF is an advanced diploma in Islamic banking. It produces professionals, who can perform leading roles to develop the IFIs.

Diploma in Islamic Banking

mba Islamic banking and finance

MBA Islamic finance is designed to perform leading roles in the establishment & management of Islamic finance organizations.

MBA in Islamic Finance

phd Islamic finance

PhD Islamic finance is a research-based program, desgined for you to secure a high position at top-tier organizations.

PhD in Islamic Finance

Why Learn Islamic Finance?

  • Islamic banking and finance is one of the most essential needs of Muslims around the globe. The Muslim population is now 24% of the world’s population, and this percentage is expected to reach 35% by year 2050 to outnumber the population of any other religion.
  • Islamic finance is also popular among non-Muslims, due to many reasons. One of the major reason is that it condemns Usury, which is also strictly forbidden in Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism.
  • Islamic finance is an ethical and moral financial system, and itt condemns taking advantage of others’ misfortunes.
  • Islamic banking training needs are now higher than ever, and organizations require at least 15k certified professionals a year.

About AIMS’ Islamic Finance Institute

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Why Choose AIMS?

  • World-renowned institute of Islamic banking and finance, since year 2005.
  • Islamic banking training programs are designed by well-recognized scholars.
  • Curriculum is updated on a regular basis. It allows candidates to practice the latest trends in the field.
  • Students study at their own pace, and it may be scheduled between work and family.
  • Certifications issued by AIMS are well-recognized among financial companies all over the world.

Study Features

  • Learning contents designed by AIMS are not like typical books. Syllabus keeps students focused on their subject. These Islamic finance training programs are delivered through cutting edge technology, and topics are explained through animated and interactive lectures. It gives the best study experience, with unique style and voice narrations.
  • Several resources are used to deliver these programs, such as e-lectures, e-library, e-manuals, and 24/7 faculty support. Study guide books are provided by the Islamic banking institute to students for each program they enroll in. In addition, assignments are given to all students, which help students to prepare for their exam.
  • Students access the study resources 100% online and they study at their own convenience. Assignments are submitted by the students as per their own convenience. Once they complete their study, they decide their own date and time to appear in the final exam.
  • Institute of Islamic banking and finance is offering universally accessible study courses. Students can benefit from these programs from any part of the world. No travel cost or travel time is wasted for this off campus education. Once students log in to their e-class, they can easily access their learning content from anywhere and anytime (such as home, office, or a hotel room).

Our Student's Say!

I had a great time studying Islamic finance from AIMS. I first completed my CIFE online with the help of interactive lectures, study manuals, and other academic resources. Study contents are all, very well-organized. The Islamic finance training contents designed by AIMS are excellent and they give the true way of implementing the Islamic banking and financial system in today's world. The views expressed in the program, are under the views of scholars, like Mufti Taqi Usmani, and they are AAOIFI Shariah compliant. I would strongly recommend this Islamic finance institute to everyone. The program starts from the fundamental concepts. Well, I got a job when I started my CIFE, and then I pursued my Master Diploma qualification.

Nida Khan


Clients and Participants

  • ITS
  • Marriott
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
  • KPMG
  • Lloyds
  • Standard Chartered
  • Thomson Reuters
  • PriceWaterCooper
  • Al Futtaim