• Why Should I choose AIMS?

    There are several reasons to choose AIMS:

    • Internationally recognized qualification in Islamic Banking & Finance
    • Providing quality professional education from Eight (8) years
    • 100% Online flexible learning environment
    • AIMS Certifications are highly reputed among employers, globally
    • Programs are designed by leading scholars and practitioners

  • I have no Islamic Finance Experience? Is this Program Suitable for me?

    To join CIFE or Master Diploma programs, applicants do not need any prior knowledge or experience in Islamic Finance. Our study programs starts from the fundamentals concepts of Islamic Finance. They are easy to understand for new comers and at the same time interesting for experienced professionals.

  • Who Design these Courses? Practitioners or University Faculty?

    The study material provided by AIMS is designed mutually by the team of Shariah Experts as well as Financial Practitioners, who are highly qualified in both areas. This is because Islamic financial system is not a system of ‘practitioners’ only. Each financial law requires Shariah authenticity, before it is approved for practices. Once approved, the financial practice requires regular monitoring by Shairah experts.

  • Which Shariah Compliance Standards do AIMS follow?

    Our study material is based on updated shariah compliances, and followed by AAOIFI (Accounting and Auditing Organization of Islamic Financial Institutions) and IFSB (Islamic Financial Services Board). These two bodies are internationally recognized standard-setting bodies for the Islamic finance industry.

  • What are Additional Jobs Prospects, if I Choose AIMS?

    AIMS graduates have excellent reputation in the industry, because AIMS produce “Better Graduates”. At AIMS, students are provided by most recent education. Best faculty is chosen to develop the course contents and teach the programs. AlMS also make use of latest elearning technology to delivery the best “Learning” and “Understanding” of its students.

  • Who Award the CIFE and MDIF certifications?

    • Certified Islamic Finance Expert (CIFE) and Master Diploma in Islamic Finance (MDIF) certifications are awarded by Academy for International Modern Studies (AIMS). AIMS is registered with UK Register of Learning Providers - a UK governmental setup.
    • CIFE/MDIF programs are also equivalent to 15/24 credit hours of graduate studies.

  • Who Accredit the MBA and PhD degree programs?

    PhD and MBA degree programs are offered by AIMS in collaboration with University of America, which is accredited by following UK Government recognized bodies:

    • Education for Business Managers and Administrators (EBMA) is an only established awarding body in the UK to accredit qualifications in business management.
    • Accreditation Services for International Colleges and Universities (ASIC) is recognised by UK Home Office and is listed in the US CHEA's directory of recognised international accrediting agencies.
    • Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE) is a national awarding and accrediting body recognized by the UK Government through Ofqual.

    Click here for more details on these accreditation bodies.

  • Many Institutions are offering Islamic finance programs. Why should I choose AIMS?

    Before you choose an Islamic financial institution, you must consider following factors:

    • First of all, you should compare the curriculum of the program. Unfortunately, there are many institutions out there, awarding a professional qualification, but the contents they cover is very small. They give an impression that teaching the operational mechanism of modes of finance is the complete Islamic finance. At AIMS, start a program from the basic concepts of Islamic economics. It includes both Islamic Micro and Macro Economics. Then you study the modes of finance, the associated contracts, case studies, accounting treatment, shariah standards and accounting standards. Later you study the complete system of Islamic Insurance (Takaful), Bonds (Sukuk), Shares, and conversion of a Conventional Bank into an Islamic Bank. In addition to that, our programs give a detailed study of many financial instruments (including those, not introduced yet). Our complete curriculum is given under each program section
    • Another important thing you should consider is the faculty, who made the curriculum? The curriculum of AIMS’ Islamic finance programs are NOT designed by a regular faculty. It is designed by the renowned scholars of Islamic Banking and Finance industry, who hold global reputation and are among the leading practitioners of Islamic finance. AIMS is among the pioneer of Islamic finance studies
    • Credibility of an institution is another factor. AIMS is offering the Islamic finance trainings from year 2005, and our qualifications are well reputed among employers, worldwide. Thousands of professionals are associated with AIMS, who are working in well known financial institutions, worldwide. In addition to that, AIMS is registered with United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) - a UK governmental set up to facilitates agencies, employers and government departments. Each course you study is a 3 credit hours program, and the credits are given equivalent to Masters Level international qualification
    • Learning Methodology is another important factor. The courses designed by AIMS are highly interactive, any you may access them anywhere – as per your convenience. You study at your own face, and 24/7 faculty supply is provided. Learning methodology is explained under "How it Works?" section

Our Students Say!

My studies at AIMS has been life-changing. The curriculum are led by outstanding lecturers and learning experience was excellent. Programs are well structured and learning experience was a “Great Adventure”. The contents are excellent and the teaching methodology is very interesting. I always urge my collegues to make the right choice of enrolling here.

Han Choi-Yan Lo Malaysia

Clients & Participants