master in Islamic finance

Master in Islamic Finance

Accredited MBA Islamic Finance Degree - 100% Online

The Islamic finance market has grown by a factor of six in the last decade, due to its strong transparency and the real concept of profit and loss sharing. Recruiters are observing 70 per cent growth in demand for skilled professionals, in both Muslim and Non-Muslim countries. With the understanding of market needs, AIMS designed the Masters in Islamic banking and finance online program in 2008, to produce top executives for the Islamic finance market. This MBA Islamic finance degree has a proven track record for presenting candidates with a desire to succeed. Graduates present solid skills and perform leading roles to establish and manage Islamic finance companies. Master in Islamic finance studies keeps a holistic balance between theory and practice, and students learn to implement their studies into the real world.

masters in islamic banking and finance

Learn to articulate Shariah principles and to implement strategic processes, in Islamic banking and finance.

Key Objective

MBA Overview

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MBA Islamic Finance – Summary

Mode of Study Online and Self paced learning.
Average Duration 12 months.
Validity Two years.
Study Resources

Online Interactive lectures.

Comprehensive Study manuals.

24/7 faculty support from Shariah experts.

Islamic Finance e-Library.

Online Assignments.

Courses to Study 13 courses & a Project in Islamic finance.
Study Requirements 10 - 12 hours of studies in a week.
Final Assessment Assignments [25%], final exam [50%] and project [25%].
Enrollment Schedule Flexible & Student may enroll any-time.
Degree Awarded MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance.
  • How it Works?

    Our e-Learning system has made earning the degree in Islamic banking and finance an interesting activity. We offer an exclusive learning environment that allows you to schedule your studies between work and family.

  • Step-1: Register

    If you fulfil the eligibility criteria, complete our online admission form. Once your Islamic finance master degree application is approved, you will get the login details, within the next 48 hours.

  • Step-2: Study Online

    Once enrolled, you will have access to study resources, through your online student portal. msc islamic banking and finance degree students have full access to e-lectures, e-manuals, assignments, e-library and the MBA Islamic Finance faculty. These multiple study resources improve and increase your skills. You study at your own pace and submit the assignments as per your convenient day and time.

  • Step-3: Pass and Graduate

    Taking the exams means, measuring your skills and knowledge of the subject you have been studying. On completion of each semester, you need to sit for an exam, which will assess specific areas of understanding and skill-sets. Exam questions are MCQs type and Final Results are calculated from scores in Assignments and the Final Exam. After the marking has finished, you will receive a transcript, which shows how well you have done. Pass percentage to achieve an Islamic finance degree is 65%, and average students score 85% in the final exam.

Achieve Multiple Designations

Students add quality credentials to their resume, before they complete their full MBA. Program includes diploma in Islamic banking and Islamic finance certificate program. Lectures are media rich, and they cover many examples and case studies.

Learn and Practice Latest Market Trends

In their project, students are required to develop product for an Islamic bank or takaful company. This project examines students' skills and capabilities.

Convenient & Flexible Online Studies

Masters in Islamic Banking and Finance is taught by animated study contents, and students study anywhere and anytime, as per their convenience. Academic support is available to the students from the leading Islamic finance scholars.

Designed by Shariah Scholars

Syllabus of the 42 credit hours MBA Islamic finance is updated on regular basis. It is designed by well-known Shariah scholars, who fully know latest market trends.

Our Islamic finance degree comprises 13 courses and a project, divided into four semesters.

mba islamic finance

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Our Students’ Say!

Masters in Islamic Banking and Finance program helped me learn everything needed to become a “Master” of this field. The courses and study materials are well-organized. AIMS has designed excellent interactive lectures and study e-manuals. Assignments are also very useful, and each topic is explained well. My MBA project developed necessary skills, required to implement my studies into the real world. Choosing AIMS to achieve a degree in Islamic banking and finance was a wise decision.

Tovah Mutukura, Finance Advisor

Kubota, Australia.

Who Should Attend?

This program is specially designed for,

  • Bankers and Finance Professionals.
  • Investment Advisor and Analysts.
  • Auditors and Accountants.
  • Lawyers and Consultants.
  • People who are involved in Teaching & Research.
  • Graduates who are willing to join Islamic Finance.

Salary Survery

Salaries of MBA in Islamic Finance degree holders depend on several factors, including experience, location, past qualification, and interpersonal skills. Below is a salary range of employees with AIMS' masters degree in Islamic banking and finance:

Education Master in Islamic Finance
Yearly Job Growth 7%.
Salaries $72,000 - $195,000.

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