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AIMS' Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance

Academy for International Modern Studies (AIMS) is among the pioneers of Islamic Finance studies at global scale. AIMS is a UK based, world's leading institution, and AIMS has made a significant contribution in Islamic Finance Industry. AIMS earned its strong reputation since its founding in 2005. Thousands of AIMS graduates are in high demand and they perform leading roles in the establishment and management of renowned financial institutions, worldwide.

During all this time, AIMS have been working with worlds' renowned Islamic finance scholars and practitioners, who designed the Certified MBA in Islamic Finance, Master Diploma in Islamic Finance and Certified Islamic Finance Expert programs, considering the need of today's business environment and advanced professional skills needed to power your career growth.

AIMS objectives are to,

  • Facilitate individuals become industry experts and organization establish better Islamic financial system
  • Promote industry professionalism and best practices in Islamic Finance Industry

Islamic Banking and Finance Programs

MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance combine broad knowledge of business management principles with expertise to develop Islamic financial products

MDIF is designed to prepare qualified individuals to perform leading roles in the development and management of Islamic Banking and Finance institutions

CIFE is globally recognized Islamic Banking and Finance certification, designed to develop skills professionals to work in Islamic Finance industry, across the globe

Programs Structure

Islamic Banking and Finance programs are structured in a way that you add quality designation and credential in your resume on completing each set of courses

mba islamic finance

Why Study Islamic Banking and Finance?

Islamic financial system provide a variety of religiously acceptable financial services to Muslim communities and also non-Muslim clients seeking ethical banking. Islamic banking market is valued at over US Dollar 1.7 trillion, and the estimated combined with the estimated growth rate of more than 21% a year.

The need of a qualified and trained human resources is growing, and Islamic finance market demands is higher than ever. Islamic Banks and financial institutions require atleast 15,000 professionals a year to join the industry, and the requirement is increasing every year.

Learning Methodology

Reasons to Choose AIMS

There are several reasons to choose AIMS:

  • Internationally renowned Institution in Islamic Finance studies
  • Programs designed by worlds' leading Islamic Finance scholars & practitioners
  • Updated curriculum allow you practice latest industry trends
  • Study at your own pace - can be scheduled around work & family
  • Certifications are acceptable by financial institutions, worldwide
  • Eight years of global recognition in professional development

Study Features

  • Our animated learning contents are not like a dry textbook. Our curriculum writers focus on keeping the student interested in the subject matter. Next generation graphics and thought-provoking instructional design that is expected by today's online student. Animated Flash unit summaries, learning objectives and reflection points (with professional voice narrations) add to the media-rich learning experience. A detailed study manuals are provided with each course.
  • An eLearning that offers different learning resources, styles and facilitate through a variety of activities. They includes highly interactive Lectures, Comprehensive Study Manuals, 24/7 Academic Support from faculty through email and Assessment (including assignments and examination) through MCQs type questions
  • Students access Interactive Lectures, Study Manuals, review assignments, take practice quizzes, discuss questions, chat with fellow students and study any time they want. Other than certain due dates, you make your own schedule to appear in your examination. The learning system allow students to study at their own pace. Class work can be scheduled around work & family. Reduced travel time & travel costs for off-campus studies.
  • AIMS' e-learning system is highly accessible in nature. One can take the benefit of these courses from any where. Once you enter your Student Portal, you can access your courses content from any time and at any place, such as your office, your home or your hotel room.

What Our Student Say!

I had a great time studying Islamic Finance at AIMS through the online lectures, study manuals and many other well-organized academic resources. The study contents are excellent and gives the true picture of Islamic Finance. The views expressed are in accordance with the views of the scholars like Mufti Taqi Usmani and organizations like AAOIFI. I would strongly recommend AIMS to everyone who has no basic idea or knowledge of both Islam or finance, as their course is very comprehensive and starts from the every basic level. I have passed my CIFE certifications, and I am currently pursuing Master Diploma in Islamic Finance. I got a job as soon as I started the CIFE program.

Nida Khan

Clients & Participants

  • RBC
  • Mobil
  • Chevon
  • Lloyds
  • SABB
  • PriceWaterCooper
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Dowjones
  • Deloitte
  • Marriott