learning methodology

How it Works?

This section briefly explains the "Learning Methodology" for Certificate, Master Diploma and MBA programs offered by AIMS . Achieving these qualification are 100% online, and they may be accomplished in 3 easy steps.

We offer 100% flexible study environment, which allows you to,

Choose your own time to attend lectures, and complete & submit assignments.
Decide your own time frame to complete your studies and appear in your online examination.

Step-1: Register

  • Students may easily enroll by completing the "Online Enrollment Form"
  • On completion of application, students receive confirmation from Admissions Department
  • Successful applicants receive Login details and access to online Academics resourses within 2 working days

Step-2: Study Online

Once you are enrolled, we send you access to your e-Class. Large number of online academic resources are available to the students. They include the following:

  • Online Interactive Lectures are the high tech animated presentations. Starts from the fundamental concepts of the subject, these lectures cover theory, examples, applications and case studies. These high-tech animated lectures is the result of knowledge of leading faculty members, creative skill of our technical team and AIMS' Ambition to provide best e-learning to its students.
  • Online Study Manuals are the comprehensive e-Book designed by globally renowned faculty and practitioners. They help students to study every topic with several theoretical and practical aspects. The average size of each e-Book is 300 pages
  • Online Conferencing with faculty (available soon) is a special feature offered for the betterment and improvement of students' learning. It allows students to study directly with the highly qualified faculty. This feature will be available on a pre-defined schedule.
  • 24/7 Online Academic Support allow students to email a question directly to the faculty member, at any point of study. The faculty member review the question and given a detailed answer in earliest possible time.
  • Online Library is a collection of hundreds of e-Books and e-Presentations on specialized topics. With the use of e-Library, students simply gets a chance to learn and know more
  • Online Discussion Forum (available soon) will be an open forum for AIMS College' students to learn and share knowledge. It is in fact a student community, which give you access to students and professionals, from all over the world.
  • Online Assignment are the regular assessments, designed to enhance the understanding and knowledge of each student. Questions in Assignments are all MCQs type and drawn from online lectures and e-books. Students need to complete two Assignments for each course, before they may request the final examination

Step-3: Pass & Graduate

  • Online Examinations are scheduled by students, considering their available day and time
  • They are conducted over the internet, and student do not need to travel anywhere to appear in the examination
  • On successful completion of the program, students are awarded by relevant Certificate or Diploma

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What Our Students Say?

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