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MBA Supply Chain Management degree

Online Masters in Supply Chain Through Flexible Learning

Supply chain management practices have become essential to firms in many industries, and this demand is growing. Online MBA Supply Chain Management is a bright qualification for you to launch a promising and successful career in the supply chain and logistics fields. It prepares you to spot complications and provide effective solutions that finally support your organization. The online supply chain management degree, is a mix of supply chain knowledge and skills, blended with core business management concepts. Course contents are designed by experienced and qualified faculty, and it keeps a balance between academics and its practical approach. Graduates occupy the range of influential positions in their organizations.

mba supply chain management

Develop core supply chain competencies & leadership skills, so you may be distinguished from the rest of the pack.

Key Objective

Introduction to MBA

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Online MBA Supply Chain Management – At a Glance

Study Mode Online and self paced learning.
Estimated Duration 12 months.
Registration Duration Two years.
Study Resources

Interactive e-lectures.

Resourceful study manual for each course.

24/7 support from supply chain faculty.

Online Supply Chain library.

Exam prep and progress monitoring through Assignments.

No. of Courses Ten courses and a real-world project.
Study Time Needed 10-12 hours in a week.
Assessment Assignments, Project and Final Exam.
Beginning of Session It is Flexible! You may enroll any time.

    MBA in Supply Chain Management from AIMS is an ideal program for you, if you want to advance your career without quitting your job and family responsibilities.

  • Step-1: Register

    You may enroll any time by completing the Online Enrollment Form.

  • Step-2: Study Online

    Login to learn at times that suit your busy schedule, weekends, lunch-breaks, and even during your travel from office to home. Learning content for the supply chain management degree program is available through mobile devices, such as laptop, tablet, or a smartphone. The animated lectures, flip books, e-library, and assignments are available through an online portal. The supervision is done by the faculty, through email and discussion portal.

  • Step-3: Pass & Graduate

    You may request your examination on completion of each semester. This is done after you complete your studies and have submitted the assignments in the semester. On successful completion of all four semesters, you are awarded the MBA Supply Chain Management.

Self-Paced Learning System

MBA supply chain management is delivered through animated interactive lectures. The learning contents are rich with case studies and examples. You can login to learn at times that suit your busy schedule, weekends, lunch-breaks, and even during your travel from office to home.

Internationally Accredited Degree

The 36 credit supply chain management degree online is internationally reputed qualification. It is awarded by USA and UK accredited University.

Achieve Multiple Designations

Program also gives you a competitive advantage to get a Supply Chain Certification and Diploma in Supply Chain Management, on completion of Semester-I & II respectively. Online Masters in Supply Chain Management is awarded to students, once they pass all four semesters.

Develop Real-World Expertise

It prepares you for the highly-competitive job market, and is designed for you to become a true leader in your profession. Besides the theory courses, students design a project for a real world scenario. This project allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge to practice.

Desgined to Advance Your Career

As an experienced supply chain education provider, we know what skills are required to successfully manage today’s supply chains, and secure higher position.

Earm Multi-Dimensional Skills

It covers a wide-spectrum of areas in supply chain. It deepens your planning and operation skills in Procurement, Inventory, Transportation, Warehousing, and Logistics. Mix of these skills prepares you to take on the challenges to manage supply chains in small and large organizations.

Supply chain management mba comprises ten theory courses and a real-world project.

supply chain management degree online

Our Students’ Say!

The experience of being AIMS’ qualified has been amazing. Due to my work responsibilities and timings, it was not possible for me to get a supply chain management degree through conventional style learning. However, AIMS' flexible learning environment made this Very Hard task a Very Easy one. My experience of learning was great, with a friendly Learning-Management system. The study materials are well-designed and online lectures are EXCELLENT. I could manage my mba supply chain management during my job and finish my studies in fourteen months.

Beren McDonald, Supply Chain Analyst

GSK, United Kingdom.

Who Should Attend?

MBA logistics and supply chain management helps you to get a career job in a variety of areas and industries, including:

  • Logistics.
  • Warehouses/Stores.
  • Airlines/Shipping-Lines.
  • Purchasing.
  • Education.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Import/Export.
  • Freight Forwarding.

MBA Salary Outlook

MBA Supply Chain graduates are in great demand. That is why they command impressive salaries. Supply Chain Managers primarily work in Logistics, Operations, Warehouse, Procurement, Sourcing, and Purchasing. Salaries of graduates depend on several factors, including management, leadership, experience, location, and communication skills. A survey shows following results:

Education MBA in Supply Chain Management.
Job Growth 5.5% for all Management Occupations.
Salaries $87,000 - $168,000.

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