Is the GCC embracing project management tech?

Source: Construction Week

Project management software systems have come a long way since their inception in the 1950s. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software dominates modern-day construction activities, and the Middle East’s project management segment appears to be catching up with its global counterparts....

An open source project management solution

Source: Open Source

Trying to track a complex project without drowning in too much information is still a challenge for many of us. To solve this, we developed OpenProject, a web-based open source project management tool that supports teams throughout the entire project life cycle. It is licensed under GNU GPLv3 and written in Ruby on Rails and ...

Improve Communication for Better Project Management

Source: PCMag Middle East

During any project, knowing how to communicate, as well as when to use a project management service for communication, is critical. Communicating with all your stakeholders is the single most important factor for project management success, according to a report from the Project Management Institute. Poor communications are ...

Organizations Lose $122m for every billion dollars to bad project management

Source: GBN

Organizations around the world waste an average of $122 million due to poor project management, for every $1 billion spent on projects, according to the Project Management Institute, an American non profit organization for project management. The figure is an increase of 12 per cent from the previous year, according to the Institute’s 2016 report “Pulse of the Profession: The High Cost of Low Performance.” The report says, though organizations that effectively use formal project, ...

2016 Project Portfolio Management Trends

Source: Financial Express

The end of the financial year is a time for reflection, assessment and rejuvenation. In the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) cloud applications world, the end of the year offers an opportunity to synthesize our learning from the previous year and make some bold assertions about the trends that will affect project managers in the coming twelve months. Let’s take a look at some of the factors at play in business today. Perhaps the most important event affecting business is occurring right before ...

4 Tips for Getting Started With Project Management

Source: PC Mag

Project management is one tough job. In recent years, organizations have moved away from having one dedicated project manager for every project to a much leaner setup. It's not uncommon for the lead on a project to wear multiple hats in addition to being the manager, or for a dedicated project manager to juggle dozens or even a hundred projects at once. Get OrganizedLet's you've settled on a project management service, such as Editors' Choice Teamwork Projects. It's certainly a great tool, ...

7 Ways to Simplify Project Management in Teamwork Projects

Source: PC Mag

For managing an overstuffed pile of projects with the least amount of hassle, you can't do much better than Teamwork Projects, one of our Editors' Choices for project management software solutions. Sporting a modern, intuitive user interface (UI) and a feature set surfacing the simplest, most user-friendly functionality upfront, Teamwork Projects is an easy option for keeping projects organized and teams on task.

Can Machines Deep Learn Project Management?

Source: DZone

Artificial intelligence has been in the news a lot lately, specifically related to machines’ ability to deep learn, or more closely mimic the actions of a human brain. In the near future, will a computer’s algorithms be able to do the project manager’s job as well as you can? It started in 2011. Stanford professor Andrew Ng holed up at the Google X Lab at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters and initiated a project dubbed “Google Brain.”

How to Optimize Project Portfolio Management

Source: CFO

All CFOs realize the value of actively managing their organization’s investment portfolio, but those who understand the value of managing their project portfolio the same way can add insight to discussions in the boardroom about maintaining competitive advantage. Project portfolio management — evaluating, selecting, balancing, and resourcing projects and programs that are aligned with strategy — is critical to any organization’s ability to achieve its goals. It can actually be a CFO’s secret ...

Firms Losing millions due to poor project management

Source: Trade Arabia

Organizations around the world waste an average of $122 million for every $1 billion spent on projects as a result of poor project management practices, said a report. This represents an increase of 12 per cent over last year, stated Project Management Institute’s (PMI) 2016 report 'Pulse of the Profession: The High Cost of Low Performance.' Amid worsening project outcomes, increased competition, an uncertain economy and other disruptive global trends, the report identifies a number of ways ...

Project Management: Why it pays to be agile

Source: Business Reporter

Agile is a project management methodology originally developed for computer programs but increasingly being used in aviation, construction, pharmaceuticals and the financial sector. The US Department of Defence is using Agile for procurement. Rather than building a bridge, an Agile approach would be to say, let’s get people to the other side of the river. So you start with a rowingboat, and then a ferry and finally a toll bridge for cars. Crucially, it takes the highest-value part of the ...

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