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Master Diploma in Supply Chain Management (MDSCM)

Best Supply Chain Management Diploma for Working Professionals

If you want to become a manager and an expert, who is highly capable to design, implement, and manage competitive supply chains, then the Master Diploma in Supply Chain Management (MDSCM) is the right program for you. It is offered 100% online, and it is designed to produce professionals with a mastery of best practices. It focuses on problem-solving abilities, and links the theory to real-world applications. MDSCM graduates are distinguished in the market, due to their specialized and high-level knowledge in Supply chain and logistic. The supply chain management diploma from AIMS, does not assume a previous understanding of supply chain or logistics. It is recognized globally by employers in all business areas.

diploma in supply chain management

Prepare you to design & strategically manage supply chains, within a multi-disciplinary environment.

Key Objective

Master Diploma Overview

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Supply Chain Diploma – At a Glance

Mode of Studies Online and Self paced learning.
Duration of Completion 3 to 4 months.
Registration Validity 1 Year.
Study Resources

Online interactive lectures.

Study manuals designed by experts.

24/7 faculty support.

Supply Chain e-library.

8 online Assignments.

Real-world project.

Total Courses Five courses divided into two semesters.
Average Study 10 to 12 hours in a week.
Certificate Awarded Certified Supply Chain Expert (CSCE), and
Master Diploma in Supply Chain Management (MDSCM).

How it Works?

Diploma in supply chain management may be achieved online, by following three (3) simple steps:

online diploma

Attain Multiple Qualifications

Certified Supply Chain Expert is awarded on completion of Semester-I. And, 15 credits earned during MDSCM are transferable to MBA in Supply Chain Management.

Learn from Scratch

Our supply chain management diploma is also an excellent choice of candidates, who do not hold any qualification or experience in supply chain / logistics.

Makes You Industry Ready

Real-world project allows you to integrate your vast knowledge of the supply chain, and prove yourselves as problem solvers.

Desgined by Leading Experts

MDSCM is designed by leading supply chain experts, who are fully aware of latest market trends. Its curriculum includes all the key areas of other well-known certifications.

Globally Recognized

Our diploma in supply chain management holds a good global ranking and reputation, due to its academic excellence, quality of curriculum, and faculty strength.

Self-Paced Flexible Learning

It is ideally designed for working professionals, and delivered online through self-instructional materials.

Each course provides insights on how to design and manage a supply chain, to give you a competitive advantage.

supply chain diploma

Our Students’ Say!

Diploma in Supply Chain Management gave me a perfect opportunity to learn exactly what I want to pursue. Study materials are lively, and they are filled with chances to fulfil my goals. The lecturers are not only easy to understand, but also industry experienced, so we can learn from experts’ amazing experiences right away. During my supply chain management diploma, I could earn complete knowledge of the subject with convenience, without the need to attend classes in person. The online lectures and study manuals are great, and the assignment schedule helped me to continuously keep track of my studies.

Jamie Smith, Head of Global Operations

H&M, Middle East.

Who Should Attend?

A variety of jobs exist for MDSCM graduates, who are interested to work as consultant or manager in:

  • Supply Chain.
  • Logistics.
  • Warehousing.
  • Procurement.
  • Distribution.
  • Process Management.
  • Business & System Analysis.

Salary Outlook

Employers pay higher salaries to those who hold recognized and accredited qualification. According to a survey, over 93% of graduates reported salary increments after completing advanced qualification in supply chain and logistics.

To have an idea, look at job titles and average salaries:

Job Type Salary
Associate $41,000 - $58,000
Manager $55,000 - $165,000

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