Bring Out the Best in Your Supply Chain

Source: 21st Century Supply Chain

“Jobs, inventory, and profits are at stake, and beyond that, suppliers, customers, communities, and families of employees etc. are at risk as well.” There is no time to panic, “there is only a short time that [a manager] can be visionary and academic. [These situations] are unforgiving.” Leadership skills were put to the test during Sandy. Decisions had to be made quickly, and change orders had to be ...

How to Achieve Zero Waste

Source: Environmental Leader

Now that it has achieved zero waste, Unilever says it wants to help other businesses and industries replicate its waste-management model. To this end, it is working with 2degrees, which uses its online platform and specialists to help organizations cut costs and make sustainable business decisions. Unilever says the new collaboration program will go live this summer. The company says that it is ...

New Paradigm of Heightening Supply Chain Security

Source: Supply Chain Digest

Global supply chains are growing in complexity, yet remain vulnerable to a myriad of threats and hazards that damage businesses and threaten the global economy. The list of unforeseen disruptions is exhaustive, ranging from terrorist attacks to natural disasters to corruption to politics—and the list goes on. Supply chain disruptions, delays, and loss of goods are costly global problems, with studies ...

Boosting efficiency in the UK supply chain

Source: Business Green

"Zero waste" seems like a pretty self-explanatory term. Quite literally, it means the elimination of waste from a supply chain. But too often it is seen as a byword for boosting recycling rates or reducing the volume of rubbish bound for landfill - when in reality, the principles of "zero-waste" must be embedded throughout an entire supply chain. That's one of the conclusions from a new report on ...

Real-Time Supply Chain Thinking

Source: Supply and Demand Chain Executive

The current environment we find ourselves in is indeed perilous. As the stock market continues to spin up and down in a volatile fashion, brokers and Wall Street types are looking at a dour projection. Growth is projected to be running at an anemic 2 to 3 percent or worse, China’s economy is dragging, and the only element that is growing is volatility in the global ecosystem. CEOs participating in the ...

Supply Chain Ethics and Traceability among Biggest Business Human Rights

Source: Supply and Demand Chain Executive

Increasing supply chain traceability, and integrating human rights into the adaptation and mitigation of climate change impacts are among the most significant human rights issues affecting sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) professionals.

Shanghai Starts Green Supply Chain Program

Source: Shanghai Daily

IN a bid to use the market’s leverage to promote environmental sustainability, Shanghai has launched a program that calls for enterprises from all industries to work out their own plan on a green supply chain campaign. The 2016 Shanghai 100+ Enterprises in Green Supply Chain Program launched last week.

Majority of Manufacturers Do Not Have Chief Supply Chain Officer

Source: Spend Matters

More than 40% of manufacturers experienced a supply chain disruption in the last year, yet less than a quarter of these companies have a chief supply chain officer in place to oversee and manage these business interruptions, according to the recent State of the Global Supply Chain report from GT Nexus.

40% of Manufacturers Faced Supply Chain Disruption in Past 12 Months

Source: MH&L

Looking at issues, challenges and opportunities that manufacturing companies face, a new report, State of the Global Supply Chain, found that 40% of manufacturing companies reported a supply chain disruption that impacted their business over the past 12 months. Despite this, less than a quarter...

Google And The Future Of Supply Chain

Source: Forbes

This week Google, now re-named Alphabet, became the most valuable company on earth besting Apple for at a least one day. No matter what happens the rest of this week, Google is sending notice that its place in world of business strategy is at the head of the table. What it means for the future of supply ...

Managing the Risks of Multinational Supply Chains

Source: Captive Review

With these marketplace dynamics comes greater interconnectivity of multinational risks. According to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Asia Pacific includes nine of the world’s top 15 countries importing and exporting intermediate goods. Companies in the region depend upon goods and services from ...

Advanced Analytics Will Accelerate Supply Chain Performance In 2016

Source: Cycle Forbes

These and other insights are from the State of Global Supply Chain Report (free, opt-in, 14 pp., PDF) published this week by GTNexus in partnership with global research firm, YouGov. The study concentrates on discovering which technologies that have and will have the most significant impact on manufacturer’s ...

Trends for The Supply Chain In 2016

Source: MBT Mag

Faced with increasingly complex global markets, labor issues and major economic fluctuations, supply chain leaders are looking for solutions that can help meet these challenges. Here's a look at the supply chain trends for 2016 that will help global organizations optimize their logistics operations ...

‘Fantastic opportunities’ for supply chain in Africa

Source: Energy Voice

The managing director of Wood Group PSN’s operations in the UK and Africa said Africa offered “fantastic opportunities” for the North Sea oil and gas industry. James Crawford said opportunities in emerging basins such as Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania were still largely undeveloped. The Secretary of ...

Overcoming Major Supply Chain Challenges with Big Data Analytics

Source: Cycle Computer World

Sixty-four percent of supply chain executives consider big data analytics a disruptive and important technology, setting the foundation for long-term change management in their organizations (Source: SCM World). Ninety-seven percent of supply chain executives report having an understanding of how big data ...

Supply Chain Finance Technology

Source: Spend Matter's Network

Spend Matters’ own Jason Busch was featured in the latest edition of The Secured Lender magazine, discussing what he sees as the top trends in procurement and supply chain finance. From user adoption of e-invoicing to other solutions in the space, Jason shared his expert insights and predictions on how technology is impacting the supply chain finance game. You can check out the full article at The Secured Lender, but below are some snippets from the interview. On the growth of e-invoicing adoption in the U.S.: “If we look at absolute penetration rates in terms of potential markets for e-procurement within business, it’s still miniscule if you count SMBs.


Amazon Is Using Logistics To Lead A Retail Revolution

Source: Forbes

Amazon is on the path to fundamentally changing the way you shop with a few, quiet experiments in logistics. Yes, delivery logistics, once a staid business, is now the frontline of a tectonic shift that’s taking place everywhere from the United States to Europe to China, largely thanks to Amazon. In ...

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