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In today's business, for many individuals and organizations, it is a daily challenge to meet goals and manage the rising project work with the shortage of time. Project management has become a popular career choice in the business world, today. AIMS believes this important life event should be more than just attending a training. So, it is our aim to provide you with engaging project management education, through our best online learning resources. Our project management academy is the best place for you to get project management qualifications at all levels. It provides the knowledge and skills that can be applied to solve real-world problems. Programs offered at the project management institute give you the skills-set, required to manage projects, programs and portfolios. Here, you learn how to plan, execute, and control your projects, on-time.

Key objectives of AIMS' Institute of project management are to,

Produce those skills required to efficiently manage and successfully lead projects.
Develop skills to quickly respond to critical project requirements and get cost-effective results at all levels.

Our Project Management Qualifications

Program management skills are in-demand in nearly all industries, and project managers with versatile skills are highly sought-after. Considering the growing demand of project managers in different industries and at different professional levels, AIMS has complied several programs, which distinguish its graduates from the crowd.

Project Manager

Learn to manage different projects smartly for any organization, in the best way.

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Certified Project
Management Expert

Develop your project management skills in both waterfall and agile methodologies.

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Master Diploma
Project Management

Learn techniques required to manage projects, programs and project portfolios.

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project management qualifications

Certified Project Manager is globally recognized certification based on pmp (waterfall) model. You start from the fundamental concepts of project management and it includes pmp training and pmp exam prep. CPME is another well-known project management certification. It develops skills you need to lead the projects using both waterfall and agile methodologies. You also learn to manage projects through software. Diploma in project management produce individuals, who can manage projects, programs and project portfolios.

Why Choose AIMS?

Interactive & Convenient Learning

Programs are taught by interactive lectures, e-library, and 24/7 support by the faculty. You study at your own pace and easily schedule your studies around family and work. Programs are designed to prepare you for today’s competitive and pressure-packed work environment.

Achquire Additional Certifications

Project management academy provides an excellent and world-class learning experience. Programs also fulfil the requirements to sit for PMP, PMI-ACP, PgMP, and PfMP exams of PMI.

Gain Real-World Experience

Leading researchers and top experts designed our programs, which the corporate industry demands. Programs make you a highly in-demand professional in your field, and a valuable member of your team. You learn to align strategic objectives, so you may deliver the expected value.

Internationally Recognized Qualifications

Credits earned during project management studies are globally accredited. They are accepted by universities and other educational institutions for further studies.

Project Management Institute – An Overview

program intro
  • Why Project Management Education is Important?

    Government and other organizations are seeking qualified professionals, in an attempt to improve the success rate of projects.

  • Imply Faster and Reduce Your Project's Costs

    Project management education assists practitioners and managers in their quest to powerful approach into their projects. Qualified project managers are trained to yield faster implication with reduced costs and defects.

  • Learn to Manage Your Teams

    As a manager of your team, you learn to develop skills required to manage projects successfully.

  • Get Advantage in Your Job & Promotion

    Project management qualifications develop advanced skills and experience, giving you a distinct advantage in job and promotion opportunities.

  • Keep Your Projects to the Schedule

    You learn how to monitor your projects effectively, produce progress reports and hold review meetings, all while keeping to the schedules.

  • Learn to Plan, Execute & Close a Project

    Here you learn to drive the tool through each stage of the project management life cycle, while you define, plan, execute, and close a project.


Our Students' Say!

I completed my project management qualifications from AIMS’ Institute of Project Management for a pro-life investment. Well-designed e-lectures and e-manuals are amazing. Topics are explained well; they are easy to understand and structured in a comprehensive way. I wanted to expand my knowledge, skills, and expertise, and I am happy I made the correct choice to learn it through AIMS. When I started, I knew nothing about the project management. But in few months’ time, I became a lead program manager.

Leanne Dickinson, Senior Project Manager

SAP, Germany.

Our Clients and Participants

  • ITS
  • Mobil
  • Lloyds
  • Deloitte
  • Bank of America
  • Standard Chartered
  • Ice Miller
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Marriott
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