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Supply Chain Management is the backbone of organizations today, and the market is looking to fill 1.5 million jobs. Considering the required skills-set, AIMS designed certificate and diploma programs in supply chain management. These programs expand your knowledge and skills in supply chain, and allows you to create a system that delivers products faster, better, and with lower costs. You are highly trained to ensure the effectiveness of the system. Programs offered by the institute of supply chain management are globally recognized. They are delivered through interactive educational content, which helps you keep focused. Supply chain academy offers self-paced learning, and regularly updated curriculum allows you access the most modern industry trends.

Our supply chain management programs are designed for you to,

Help improve processes from top-to-bottom, which can positively affect the entire supply chain.
Design supply chain strategies that can reduce supply chain expenses and increase revenue.

Our Supply Chain & Logistics Programs

The supply Chain and logistics professionals are those that really create the profitability of a company. Without skilled supply chain professionals, most firms would succumb to overly expensive and slower than acceptable delivery of the products. Considering the current market trends, AIMS' Institute of supply chain management provide well-recognized programs in supply chain and logistics.

Certified Supply &
Logistics Professional

Enhance your problem solving skills and expertise in supply chain & logistics management.

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Certified Supply
Chain Expert

Designed to produce knowledge and skills in all functions of supply chain management.

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Master Diploma
in Supply Chain

Focuses on problem-solving abilities, and links the theory to real-world applications.

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Certified Supply & Logistics Professional (CSLP) is an intermediate level supply and logistics certification offered by AIMS' supply chain academy. Certified Supply Chain Expert is an advanced level supply chain management certification. CSCE participants develop expertise in all major functions of supply chain and logistics. Diploma in Supply Chain Management is designed by supply chain academy, to create professionals with a mastery of finest practices that differentiate from others.

Why Should You Choose AIMS?

Self-Paced Online Learning

Institute of supply chain management offers flexible and self-paced learning system. Our lectures are delivered through interactive educational content, which helps you keep focused.

Follow Modern Industry Trends

Our programs prepare you to design effective strategies, required to cater to the market efficiently, and effectively enhance any organization’s revenue. Regularly updated curriculum allows you access the most modern industry trends.

Job Focused Training

AIMS' supply chain management qualifications are well-reputed among employers, worldwide. You are trained to secure employment opportunities in a wide variety of industries and in firms of all sizes.

Internationally Reputed Education

Certifications from UK recognized institution, having 8 years of international reputation in education. We have been promoting professionalism in the supply chain and logistics, and our graduates are introducing best industry practices.

About AIMS’ Supply Chain Institute

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  • Why Should You Learn Supply Chain?

    Businesses from manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, to warehouses, healthcare providers, and government agencies – and the consultancy firms that service them - are scrambling to hire people. They always need properly trained supply chain professionals.

  • Improve Processes from Production to End-Customer

    Supply chain is important to organizations, because it enables them to link processes and business functions. It is a network of industries, like retail, distribution, transportation, storage, and supply.

  • Develop Skills in Key Supply Chain Areas

    It participates in the production, delivery, and sale of a product to the end-consumer. Professionals in the supply chain industry are engaged in planning, purchasing, production, storage, distribution, CRM, and logistics.

  • Get Attention of Successful Companies

    Supply chain operations are becoming more complex. Successful companies rely on the skills of professionals to keep their goods and services flowing to the marketplace quickly, efficiently, and as cost-effectively as possible. Supply chain management education from AIMS is a bright spot among up-and-coming careers.

  • Deliver Efficient Results at Lower Costs

    Supply chains must be operated efficiently and must generate the highest level of customer satisfaction at the lowest cost. This is only possible for companies that adopt supply chain strategies and technologies.

Our Students' Say!

My thorough research for top supply chain management schools, led me to choose AIMS. Studying with AIMS provides an enjoyable opportunity to engage with up-to-date professional ideas in a variety of disciplines, guided by enthusiastic and knowledgeable online lecturers. The study resources were helpful on the broader prospects, to understand the implementation of supply chain. AIMS gives detailed information on the system and models; and offers best supply chain management programs to understand and wisely implement the strategies.

Chris Brown, Manager Logistics,

Amazon, United States.

Our Clients & Participants

  • Thomson Reuters
  • SABB
  • Deloitte
  • Union Bank
  • Mobil
  • Ice Miller
  • KPMG
  • Dowjones
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Lloyds
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