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Certified Takaful Professional (CTP)

Globally Recognized Takaful Courses – 100% Online

Insurance services are sought by both individuals and businesses alike. Since conventional insurance companies do not adhere to Islamic rules, takaful system is on the rise. To fulfil the growing need for takaful professionals who can tap into this marked, AIMS designed the holistic Takaful certification. Certfied Takaful Professional (CTP) focuses on delivering knowledge and insights on Islamic practices regarding insurance. By the end of the two takaful courses offered under CTP, students will become experts on the Shariah-compliant methods of Insurance. Via following the takaful system, professionals will become adept to deliver value to religiously inclined customers.

Our online takaful courses will expand your knowledge regarding the general Islamic financial system. It will also give you all the tools to understand insurance systems that comply with Islamic practices.

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Takaful Certification – At a Glance

Study ModeOnline and Self paced learning.
Estimated Duration1 months.
Registration Validity3 Months.
Study Resources

Interactive online lectures.

2 comprehensive study manual.

Academic support by takaful experts.

Takaful e-Library.

Four Online Assignments.

Number of takaful coursesTwo (2) courses of total 6 credit hours
Study Requirements10-12 hours per week.
Certification You Receive

Certified Takaful Professional (CTP).

CTP Program Objectives

  • Produce highly skilled professionals with the necessary professional and technical skills to manage Takaful related products and services.
  • Transform you into a globally recognized Takaful professional with a renowned takaful certification.
  • Achieve up-to-date Takaful practices through takaful courses designed by industry specialists and renowned scholars.
  • Comprehensive knowledge that will strategically prepare you to build skills, competencies and experience – as you work in the Islamic Insurance industry.


CTP is awarded by AIMS - a UKRLP registered and CPD accredited institute. CPD accreditation assures that AIMS' practical and methodical approach is focused to improve professional development. CTP Total Qualification Time (TQT) is 90 hours and it is designed as per Ofqual Level-3 standards of Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

CTP Key Features

Globally Recognized Practices

Different countries follow different financial models. As a traditional insurance professional, you are likely to know them all. However, the world of Islamic Takaful is likely to be new for you. Since these takaful courses can be studied by all, we have made sure to make it as relevant to the global landscape as possible. You will not be learning concepts in isolation. Instead, global practices and applications will be discussed. This will allow you to make use of the learned knowledge.

Leads to Higher Education

CTP is equivalent to six (6) credit hours of graduate studies, and they are accepted by universities/colleges for further studies. These credits may be transferred to Islamic Finance Certification, Diploma in Islamic Finance and Master in Islamic Finance programs.

Why Choose AIMS' CTP Program

Islamic insurance is a niche with immense potential, and there are various Islamic insurance courses out there. Getting a takaful certification particularly from AIMS, will help you in becoming a recognized Takaful Professional. AIMS is serving takaful industry from over a decade. AIMS' Islamic finance graduates are working in key positions worldwide. New graduates are highly sought-out on on completion of their studies.

Flexible Class Schedule

Once you enter your professional life, finding time to study new concepts can be difficult. While most institutions require you to take classes at rigid times, the takaful courses offered by AIMS deliver flexibility. This takaful course will allow you to learn at your own convenience.


Our Students' Say!

CTP program gave me a detailed insight to the technical aspects of Takaful. It gives a comprehensive knowledge on the subject. For one who wish to start his/her career in Islamic insurance, this is the ideal takaful certification to follow. You will understand what Takaful actually is and how it works?

Mohamed Shahad Hussain, Manager

Amana Takaful, Sri Lanka.

How it Works?

To become a CTP, begin by registering for the online takaful courses. You will have to study two courses, and the classes will be conducted online. You are free to choose dates and times as per your convenience. All supplementary material will be provided to you. You will then be required to pass each of the two takaful courses. After you do so, you will be given a takaful certificate.


    The main features accompanied with the takaful courses offered are as follows:

  • Engaging Online Lectures

    Attain wisdom at your own convenience. Rather than visiting an institute, we bring the institute to you. Our online lectures, with the esteemed faculty, will be informative, engaging and interactive.

  • Comprehensive Study Manuals

    To make sure you are able to follow and retain the concepts taught, you will be provided with study manuals. All supporting material will be available to you 24/7 for you to study at your own pace.

  • e-Library

    We don’t believe in limiting your knowledge or curiosity. Therefore, we give you the access to an e-Library. This will satiate your hunger for knowledge.

  • Online Faculty Support

    Our Online Faculty will be there to guide you through every step of the way. Just because it is an online program doesn’t mean you won’t get one-on-one sessions. Whenever you feel confused about any concept, you are free to reach out to our faculty.

Who Should Attend?

These Islamic insurance courses should be attended by:

  • College/University Lecturers
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Finance Consultants
  • Banking Professionals
  • Recent graduates trying to find their way.

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